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Dear friends,


Feels easy to read the text?
It means that your English is higher than zero and Elementary,
and hopefully higher than Preintermediate.
It’s time to push it further!

YONGLISH is a tutorial program for bright intellects and brave hearts who’d love
to combine the study of English with the study of oriental culture,
phylosophy, spirituality and mysticism.


The program is based on ancient texts and contemporary media
dedicated to such concepts of human nature as
Karma, reincarnation, meditation, etc.


The course proposes intense conversation sessions
elevating your level of thinking, speaking and phonetic skills.


Feel free to contact YONGLISH if you need your English improved
without any oriental ‘stuff’ too. An individual tutorial program adjusted to
your personal needs will help your love affair with English to go to the next page.

As YONGLISH says, «Don’t labor, fight or suffer English: Play, breathe and live it.
One day you’ll find yourself speaking, reading, writing and thinking English naturally.
And even if you don’t, you would joyfully keep trying!».

Join the program now!


Drop «I want in» here: yonglish@yonglish.ru
or here: +7 925 O7 2 O7 88


In response you’ll get our sexy discount policy and other information.
After you send us a note, push the right arrow
and have a nice day!

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